2019 AMTA-LA Convention Was Fun and Educational

I’m so thankful for AMTA, James Waslaski, TeamWaslaski, and my AMTA family. Can’t wait until next time. God Bless! ~Carolyn Borg

Carolyn M. Borg, LMT

LA4611, CsandBris SpaMas

It’s only day 1 and I’ve learned so much! I can’t wait to use my new tools on my clients 🤗 So excited to see this many therapists at convention too! Dusty (Sonnier) has done a great job as the LA AMTA President♥️ And the rest of the board and chairs have done a great job with the support.! ~Candy Welch

Candy Welch, LMT

LA8485, Focus Massage & Wellness

This unique presentation addressed the clinical approach to assessment, treatment and rehabilitation of the lumbar spine, hip SI joint, pelvis, and conditions in the lower extremity … immediately and permanently.

Our participants left the 2019 State Convention with new tools they can use to help improve the quality of life for their clients. And isn’t that one of the goals of each of us?

James will be back in 2020 to teach us his world-renowned techniques for upper body. We’ll let you know when registration is open as there will once again be a limited number of available seats.

To see what you missed, check out what we learned.

We had a blast at the 2019 Louisiana Convention and even had an ’80’s Party. Spending time with our peers, learning from James (and each other) and building our network system was what this convention was all about. Here are some photo’s of our ’80’s party; hope you enjoy!

But don’t think it was all fun and no work. Here are some pictures of our participants and James Waslaski while he teaches us and we learn and earn.

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