Social Media Committee Chair Application

Social Media Committee Chair


The Social Media Committee Chair shall administer, monitor and maintain the social media platforms. Works in conjunction with Newsletter Chair and Website Chair.

Desired Qualifications of Display Committee Chair

  • Willingness to seek out and post interesting and accurate information, as well as learn about your chapter members’ interests and needs and respond to them in a timely and accurate manner.
  • Ability to delegate and oversee tasks assigned to committee members.
  • Post new information/discussion questions, etc. at least once a week if not more often.

Note: Re: Photos and Videos

  • Written permission is not required to post photos or videos that are taken at a public event such as a chapter education or community service event. It is considered public domain and consent is implied.
  • However, if someone directly states to any chapter volunteer, orally or in writing, that that he/she does not want the chapter to post photos or videos of him/her, do not post them. (Rule of Thumb: Out of respect for the members and others that may visit your social media platforms, do not post photos or videos of others that you would not want posted of yourself).
  • Delegate and oversee tasks assigned to committee members and interns if utilized.
  • Present suggestions and estimated costs to chapter board for new displays.
  • Social Media should be checked at least once a day, no less than once every two days. (Note* Facebook administrators and moderators can opt to receive emails when someone has posted on your chapter’s page, so this eliminates having to check multiple times each day. Delete any postings that do not conform to AMTA-LA Social Media Policies. Approve new members and moderate pending posts.
  • Direct authors of deleted postings that contained personal advertising to contact the Newsletter Chair. • Respond to member inquiries within 48-72 hours.
  • Maintain secure passwords for social media platforms access.

General Responsibilities

  • To attend CEU classes at state convention at a lesser fee or at no cost, must meet the required chapter participation as set forth in policy for attending meetings and outreach events.
  • Submit proposed budget to Financial Administrator a minimum of 30 days prior to budget meeting. Seek and obtain approval of expenses to be covered by budgeted Chapter funds.
  • Seek and obtain approval from the Board of Directors for all activities to be done under the name of the AMTA-LA Chapter.
  • Failure to follow these responsibilities will lead to termination. of the Chair Position or non-reimbursement of expenses incurred.


Must be a professional member in good standing; sign the AMTA National Volunteer Code of Conduct, the AMTA-LA Chapter Rules of Engagement and the AMTA-LA Chapter Social Media Participation Agreement.

Term of Service

Appointed positions will be for a term of one (1) year or until successors are appointed.

Time Commitment

The time commitment is approximately 1-5 hours per week, depending on Chapter activities. The time commitment may be higher before and/or during certain National or Chapter events or activities.

Vacancy & Succession

A vacancy may be filled by appointment by the Chapter President with the approval of the Chapter Board at any Board, Chapter, or special meeting.

Removal from Service

The Social Media Committee Chair shall automatically be disqualified to serve for failure to:

  • Fulfill her/his duties and responsibilities (dereliction of duties).
  • Abide by the National AMTA Bylaws, Policy, Job Description, Code of Ethics, and Chapter Volunteer Code of Conduct.
  • Keep AMTA membership dues current


This position functions as prescribed by the Chapter Board and has no general authority to act on behalf of AMTA or the Chapter or to commit AMTA funds beyond amount allocated in Chapter budget.


The Social Media Committee Chair is accountable to the Chapter President.

The Social Media Chair agrees to uphold and abide by National AMTA Bylaws, Policy, Job Description, Chapter Volunteer Code of Conduct.

Current & Past Social Media Committee Chairs

Brittany LaCombe

Jenna Laitinen

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