Newsletter Editor Chair Application

Newsletter Editor Chair


The Chapter Newsletter Editor plans, designs, and ensures the delivery and quality of regular Chapter Newsletters. Works in conjunction with the Website Chair and Social Media Chair.

Specific Responsibilities

  • Choose a committee to assist in collecting articles, advertisements, editing.
  • Develop and submit to the Chapter Board, a publication schedule (including issue dates and due dates for copy submissions) and budget for the coming year.
  • Identify topics and issues to be covered in the publication.
  • Solicit articles from Chapter Officers, committee chairs, members, and outside contributors, as appropriate.
  • Edit articles for compliance with AMTA mission, goals, strategic plan and Chapter objectives.
  • Submit draft of newsletter to Editing Committee two weeks prior to publication.
  • Check newsletter after edits making sure to check for dropped text or incorrect labeling of article location. (Items often shift during editing)
  • Supervise the work of the committee in the layout.
  • Solicit advertising, within AMTA advertising guidelines, to help offset publication costs.
  • Submit PDF of newsletter to Web Master for posting on AMTA-LA Chapter website.

General Responsibilities

  • To attend CEU classes at state convention at a lesser fee or at no cost, must meet the required chapter participation as set forth in policy for attending meetings and outreach events.
  • Submit proposed budget to Financial Administrator before annual budget meeting. Seek and obtain approval of expenses to be covered by budgeted Chapter funds.
  • Seek and obtain approval from the Board of Directors for all activities to be done under the name of the AMTA-LA Chapter.
  • Failure to follow these responsibilities will lead to termination of the Chair Position or non-reimbursement of expenses incurred.

Current Newsletter Publication

  • Newsletters are delivered to the membership a minimum of three times per year by dates approved by the Chapter Board of Directors.
  • Via email
  • PDF links posted to website and social media

Desired Qualities/Qualifications of Newsletter Editor

  • Previous writing and/or editorial experience with good English and grammar skills.
  • Detail oriented and able to plan and meet deadlines.
  • Reliable high-speed internet access is a must.


Must be a professional member in good standing and sign the AMTA National Volunteer Code of Conduct.

Term of Service

Appointed positions will be for a term of one (1) year or until successors are appointed.

Vacancy & Succession

A vacancy may be filled by appointment by the Chapter President with the approval of the Chapter Board at any Board, Chapter, or special meeting.

Removal from Service

The Newsletter Editor/Chair shall automatically be disqualified to serve if failure to:
• Fulfill her/his duties and responsibilities (dereliction of duties). • Abide by the National AMTA Bylaws, Policy, Job Description, Code of Ethics, and Chapter Volunteer Code of Conduct. • Keep AMTA membership dues current


This position functions as prescribed by the Chapter Board and has no general authority to act on behalf of AMTA or the Chapter or to commit AMTA funds.


The Newsletter Chair is accountable to the Chapter President.

Current & Past Newsletter Editor Chair


Marie Humphries
2019 – 2020

Brittany LaCombe




Linda Strickland

Mary Donker-Syvertsen

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