Education / Convention Registration Chair Application

Education / Convention Registration Chair


The Education / Convention Chair is responsible for organizing and implementing AMTA-LA Chapter sponsored educational events. He or she must maintain ongoing communication with the President and Convention Program Director.

Specific Responsibilities

  • Must attend Convention.
  • Coordinate the selection of presenters with the Board of Directors.
  • Present ideas to the Board of Directors for input and approval. The Board will work with the Education Committee Chairperson in the selection process through brainstorming sessions, etc.
  • Obtain Program Approval Letter from the Louisiana Board of Massage Therapy for each presenter/instructor.
  • Plan: Seminar sites fill fast with weddings and such; plan at least eight (8) months in advance of the event. Get the location first then the presenter.
  • Make necessary hotel arrangements for meeting rooms, banquet rooms, education classroom space, exhibitor space and booth accommodations.
  • Obtain a pdf of handouts from presenter to be copied if necessary. Copies can be made at office depot using AMTA discount when necessary.
  • Appoint volunteers to hand out information at convention.
  • Required to attend board meetings and strategic planning meetings.

Negotiation of Contracts With Presenters

  • Create a contract that clearly spells out the responsibilities of the AMTA-LA Chapter and the presenter.
  • Present proposed contracts to the President prior to forwarding to Chapter Legal for approval.
  • W-9 must be submitted to Chapter Accounting prior to payment.
  • The AMTA-LA Chapter policy is to provide education at or below cost to its members. Explain this policy to the presenter to achieve a payment that works for both the presenter and the Chapter.
  • Travel expenses are negotiated and included in the amount paid to the presenter in the contract.  Presenters are responsible for making their own travel arrangements.
  • Travel expenses for presenter’s assistant(s) subject to board approval within budget.
  • Lodging for the presenter and assistant is arranged by the Education/Convention Chair and paid by the Chapter.
  • The presenters’ and assistants’ meal at the general session is provided by the Chapter.
  • Presenters will provide certificates of completion as required by the NCBTMB and LBMT for all attendees (may be prepared by the chapter if those terms are agreed upon and entered in the contract).
  • Include a cancellation policy that protects the Chapter and the presenter.
  • Contracts for the Presenter(s) must be signed by Chapter President or Education/Convention Coordinator and must be approved by the Chapter Legal.

Select and Arrange Contracts With Conference Sites

  • Conference sites should be selected to include members in all areas.
  • Conference sites should be selected based on room size and food and lodging.
  • The number of expected attendees determines room-size.
  • Hands-on workshops require a space large enough to provide about 75 – 80 sq. ft. per two attendees, plus a demonstration area.
  • Lecture type seminars require less space. Better to have a room too large than too small.
  • Large ballrooms are generally most suitable for hands-on workshops.
  • A block of sleeping rooms should be reserved based upon expected enrollment. This block should also cover the presenters’ needs. Presenter room should be reserved at the time of the booking.
  • A room needs to be reserved for the Board of Directors Meetings and meal arrangements.
  • A room may need to be reserved for various other breakouts that will occur during the weekend, check with the Board of Directors.
  • Meals need to be scheduled for the weekend. The Chapter generally provides a nice dinner or lunch or breakfast prior to the Chapter Membership Meeting.
  • Snacks may also be provided during the weekend based on the budget.
  • Arrange for AV needs for both the education portion and the meeting portions of the weekend.
  • Determine pricing for AMTA Chapter members, non-members and other AMTA members and students.
  • Pricing should be based on total expected costs. Board of Directors and some committee chairs attend at no charge.
  • Non-member price is based on national pricing for this presenter; other state chapter members may be offered a price at the same rate or in between the two.

Create a Save the Date Flyer for Social Media, etc.

  • Coordinate with Registration Chair and President to get proper forms and website information including:
    • Hotel information
    • Presenter information including bio
    • Schedule of events including Chapter meeting
    • Pricing and registration form
    • Cancellation policy

General Responsibilities

  • Answer member’s questions by phone or email
  • Work with Convention Program Director and President to see that all necessary information to process registrations is provided.
  • Serve as onsite liaison to the hotel staff to handle requests for temperature changes, refill water stations etc.
  • Coordinate with the Financial Administrator to make sure all bills for the event are paid
  • Receive summary of evaluations from presenter with comments
    • Send thank you letter to presenters
  • Work with board of directors to assemble a survey for members about education events.
  • Prepare the annual budget proposal for the Chapter educational events.
  • CE classes at state convention is at no cost for Convention Coordinator, but must also meet the required chapter participation as set forth in policy for attending meetings and outreach events.
  • Submit proposed budget to Financial Administrator at least 30 days before budget meeting.
  • Seek and obtain approval of expenses to be covered by budgeted Chapter funds.
  • Seek and obtain approval from the Board of Directors for all activities to be done under the name of the AMTA-LA Chapter.
  • Failure to follow these responsibilities will lead to termination of the Chair Position or non-reimbursement of expenses incurred.


Must be a professional member in good standing and sign Chapter Volunteer Code of Conduct.

Term of Service

Appointed positions will be for a term of one (1) year or until successors are appointed.


The Education/Convention Chair is accountable to the Chapter President.

Vacancy & Succession Authority

This position functions as prescribed by the Chapter Board and has no general authority to act on behalf of AMTA or the Chapter or to commit AMTA funds. A vacancy may be filled by appointment by the Chapter President with the approval of the Chapter Board at any Board, Chapter, or special meeting.

Removal from Office

The Education/Convention Chair shall automatically be disqualified to serve if dues for the current year are not paid; or fails to fulfill her/his duties and responsibilities (dereliction of duties); fails to abide by chapter volunteer code of conduct.

Current & Past Education / Convention Registration Chair

Marie Humphries
Convention Reg Chair

Candy Welch
2017 Co-Chair

Jenna Laitinen
2017 Co-Chair

Melissa Brocata
2016 Co-Chair

Karen Boudreaux
2016 Co-Chair

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