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Meet Our Lobbyist: Cheryl McCormick

The Louisiana Chapter of AMTA  employs Cheryl McCormick as our Lobbyist to keep an eye on anything that develops in the legislature that will affect Massage Therapists.  She works closely with the Chapter’s Government Relations Chair. Ms. McCormick’s duties include but are not limited to:

  • Researching – legislation or regulatory proposals
  • Monitoring – staying informed of and effectively reporting on developments and governmental issues
  • Helps us develop an effective policy strategy
  • Proactively keeps us apprised of any new legislation that may impact our organization or the massage profession
  • Assists us with drafting new legislation
  • Develop strategies to enact new laws and change existing laws

Legislative Updates

This button will take you to the National AMTA website. Just click on “Legislative Updates” and you will be informed of any legislative action.

Most Recent Updates Made Known to AMTA-LA:


April 2017

These two bills did not pass legislature

Our national legal department and government relations department, as well as our chapter government relations chair and our lobbyist, are on top of it.

Should things develop, we will keep you informed.



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