terry hurd

terry hurd

AMTA-LA Delegate

Mr. Hurd’s structured work ethic comes from many years in the aviation industry in the 70’s. He was introduced to the health care field while in college and took EMT classes while waiting for an opening with a major airline. Emergency Medicine was a new emerging field at the time. State regulation varied much like massage regulations do now.

Fast forward to the 90’s while working as an FAA authorized inspector at a local helicopter company he looked toward the future and completed his Bachelor Degree in Political Science. Shortly thereafter he enrolled in the Massage Program at Blue Cliff College. Knowing the benefits of belonging to a professional organization Terry joined AMTA while still in massage school in 2000. He graduated from Blue Cliff and quickly took and passed the NCBTMB exam, then took and passed the state oral exam, and was licensed within one month.

Terry practiced mobile massage part time for many years. With his background in the physical sciences and knowledge of Civics, Blue Cliff College asked him to join the faculty and teach anatomy and ethics classes. He eventually was qualified to teach all massage subjects but especially palpatory anatomy, as he attended Medical School human anatomy classes every year at the University of South Florida School of Medicine. Along the way, in 2006, the National Certification Board of Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork asked him to volunteer to be an item writer and subject matter expert for the NCBTMB exam. He took part in writing thousands of questions and answers for the NCBTMB Exam. When the MbLEX exam was developed he was one of the first people to take the exam just to experience what his students were facing.

Terry has attended many AMTA national conventions over the years and developed many long-lasting friendships including many book authors, school owners, and CE providers.

Terry has served as Louisiana Chapter Secretary and House of Delegates for many years, as well as various appointed committees, including being the chapter liaison working with AMTA National on the “Return to Practice Kit” project following hurricane Katrina.

Mr. Hurd’s current pet project is license portability. Ask him about that. Then ask him about Hurd’s three laws of Kinesiology.

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